About SoroSoke

OCTOBER 20TH 2020 is a day in the history of Nigeria that will never be forgotten. After several days of protest in different parts of the country, protesters asking for the disbandment of what can be referred to as the worst, most corrupt police department of the federal republic of Nigeria known as the SARS, The federal government of Nigeria gave an order to the military to intimidate and chase the youths from the streets.

The Nigerian army lead by LT Colonel S.O Bello carried out a raid at the lekki toll gate in Lagos Nigeria where he ordered hundred of youths to be shot at. with so many injured and some people who are reportedly dead but their bodies were never and still not found, No military officer or politician from Nigeria has taking responsibility of the lekki toll gate shooting and no one has been brought to book or face the law.

the next morning after the shooting at at the toll gate, more shooting of young protesters continues around lekki ajah area of Lagos Nigeria with several people confirmed killed and dead bodies on the open the streets, many rushed to the hospital and bullet wounds taking out of their bodies, their story is yet to be told and justice giving yet to be giving.

with the sorosoke play, film maker Chukwuma Ideh has decided to tell the END SARS protest story to the global audience